These are the faces of the people who lead New Life Church.

  • George King, Lead Pastor

    George is the Lead Pastor at New Life Church. He oversees the teaching, equipping, missional, and small group life aspects of the church. He and his wife, Crystal, enjoy life with their six children and can often be found reading together, playing games, enjoying the outdoors, and doing jiu-jitsu.

  • Greg Scott, Worship Leader

    Greg is the Worship Leader at New Life Church. He oversees the worship experience and all things related to gathered worship. He and his wife, Claire, enjoy drinking coffee, playing Settlers of Catan, and spending time outdoors.

  • Judy Davids, BOA Member (Delegate)

  • Rex Hall, BOA Member (Reserve Delegate)

    Rex and his wife, Diane, have faithfully served at New Life Church for several years. Handy-Man Extraordinaire, Rex serves as the Delegate to the North Central Conference of the FMCUSA.